eSoftCode Seller Policy

eSoftCode is a marketplace for buying and selling source code. As a seller on eSoftCode, you agree to abide by the following policies:
  1. Your code must be original. You must own the copyright to the code that you sell on eSoftCode.
  2. Your code must be free of errors. Your code must be free of bugs and errors that would prevent it from running properly.
  3. Your code must be well-documented. Your code must be well-documented so that buyers can understand how to use it.
  4. Your code must be compatible with the latest versions of the software that it is designed to work with.
  5. Your code must be priced competitively. Your code must be priced competitively so that buyers are likely to purchase it.
  6. You must provide support for your code. You must provide support for your code for a reasonable period of time after it is sold.
If you violate any of these policies, your account may be suspended or terminated.

Additional Details

  • The seller policy applies to all items sold on the platform, regardless of the price.
  • The seller policy is only valid for the original seller of the item.
  • The seller policy does not cover any lost or corrupted data.
  • The seller policy does not cover any customizations that have been made to the code by the buyer.
If you have any questions about the eSoftCode seller policy, please contact us at
We hope this helps!

Tips for Sellers

  • Make sure your code is well-written and easy to understand. This will make it more likely that buyers will want to purchase your code.
  • Use clear and concise naming conventions for your variables, functions, and classes. This will make your code easier to read and understand.
  • Use comments to explain what your code is doing. This will help buyers to understand how your code works.
  • Test your code thoroughly before you sell it. This will help to ensure that your code is free of errors.
  • Provide support for your code after it is sold. This will help to build trust with buyers and encourage them to purchase your code again in the future.We hope these tips help you to be successful on eSoftCode!